Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thought for the day: Schools in the United States are spoiled rotten. I am reaching the end of my second week of school here and have managed to settle in quite nicely, more or less. Early this week, a realization seeped in to my rapidly-growing noggin as I cluelessly watched my physics lab partners. After the professor anounced something I failed to understand, I couldn´t figure out why everyone in the class scrambled to his bags and started whipping out their cellphones. I caught on fast once the ball-bearings started falling and everyone announced their times to the recorder. Cell phones for timers. Hmm. I thought to myself, 'Gee, I used to bitch so much about my extensively prepared physics labs during senior year. I suck.' Now, I realize I should have been thrilled and immensely appreciative of all the technology and money cluttered in my old physics room. Thing is, we really have it easy in the United States. We are spoiled, and the majority of us are too self-absorbed and occupied with unimportant bullshit to realize it. Que l├ístima...what a shame.

I will now answer the constantly repeated question, "What´s school like, Hayley?!"
Here is the technical version: Within each grade level exists four further-divided groups which study different areas. Though I am unable to remember exactly, I believe those four areas are math, science, social sciences, and something else. Here, I am enrolled in math. With the exception of music, art, physical education, and physics or chemistry labs, all the math students stick together in one classroom. Morning classes start at 8:00, with one twenty-minute break for snacks and gabbing. At 12:20, all the students leave to go to their homes for lunch and a nap. Some days, there are a couple afternoon classes, and other days there are none. Classes recommence at 2:30 in the afternoon and last until 4:30. Classes end in November for summer break, so I will be attending the university in Sucre alongside my classmates and friends in order to maintain ties. This will also be an opportunity for me to work with the public and create some opportunities for the future.
Here is the Hayley Version: Well, the only thing I have yet to really figure out is why in hell there is no toilet paper or paper towels in the bathrooms. For once, I was happy to be sick sick with a cold when I first used the school's toilets...Thank you, Kleenex! Generally, the teachers don't seem to care how I do in class. On top of not having homework, I never have to take quizzes or tests. And when I sit during note-taking with nothing but a blank stare on my face, they do nothing. We have no textbooks to tow to school everyday, so note-taking consists of copying what the teacher says, of which I obviously am incapable. Were it not for my abundance of journals and the never-ending stream of thoughts and to-do lists passing through my head, I would most certainly fall asleep in class. Oh wait, I already did fall alseep in physics. Oops. Basically, school is social hour for me. The only class I look forward to every day is Calculus. I breeze through every problem, which is a miracle considering how I struggled in Calculus last year. Thank you, Mr. Ratliff. So, school definitely isn't the highlight of my days, but it is the best way to make friends. I kind of hated high school in the states, and the same applies for my education in Sucre. Crammed in a desk all day with pencil lead all over my hands is not my idea of fun. I will be happy when November ends--I will understand the language, and I will never have to look back on high school again!

Mood swings. Wow! I can't even begin to express the extent of all my emotions--and that's in ENGLISH! Imagine having to express yourself in a language you don't understand. I sit bored in all my classes, with only the company of my own thoughts. Because of this, I often forget there are others in the room--who are most likely staring at me already. As my classmates whip out their notebooks, I start thinking of how I miss quirky things about home. The look on my face is one of longing, with my eyebrows squinched together ever-so-lightly. The next moment, I think of how excited I am to go run around with friends in the afternoon or play wallyball with Jorge and his friends. Now, I bolt upright in my seat and am grinning. After that, I jump to thinking about old bullshit from home that pisses me off or frustrates me. At that point, I shake my head and roll my eyes with my teeth smashed together. Then, I start thinking about class back home. Titty-twisters. Cory screaming. Summer and Carl laughing. Klaver becoming increasingly aggravated--along with the rest of the band. It is now when I remember I am seated amongst people. In class. In a foreign class. In a foreign class with people staring at my distorted face. I realize I probably seem like the introvert all the kids point and laugh at, talking to himself as he paces down the city street. I duck quickly in my seat, blushing now, and hoping this will eventually end with my understanding of the language in a few more months. Believe it or not, I don't particularly enjoy being a freak. I know, you all thought that freakiness was my area of expertise.

Either way, I am having an absolute blast. I am very positive here, remembering that it is fun to be the new kid. I am enjoying making a fool of myself. And, for once, I get to fail high school...and enjoy doing so! Sorry, Dad. :-) We all know you were far from an angel in high school anyway. Like father, like daughter!

I'm out! Shalom.


  1. Hey, Hayley! It's so weird being a senior in Denison and not having any of you guys around. Cory and I can't play much of "Gonna Fly Now(Rocky)" and stand there and laugh the whole time. Summer and I are still wearing boots for marching band rehearsals:) Andrew is a loser and went backk out for football, but he's the only football player in band that actually helps(besides Carl); however, Andrew did join show choir again:) It's so funny that you're talking about physics and calculus because I'm taking both of those classes-not really doing much so far. I so glad that you were able to go to Sucre and I hope that you have an amazing year!!!!!
    love, Christina Riessen

  2. How the heck to I post a stupid comment....Oh wait...Think I figured it out.

    Hi Hayley,

    Love reading your comments and experiences. Hope this post makes it to you cause I am an idiot when it comes to blogs. THAT THE HELL IS A BLOG ANYWAY!!! Please what ever you do dont TWEAT me, It might put me over the Tech edge.

    Just wanted to say I miss you and am so glad you are happy. Hugs and smooches.



  3. Oh Christina! How great to hear from you. Keep working at Rocky, because it is unbelievably fun once you get it under your fingers! Cheers on the boots, and thanks for the love.
    Goober, you have posted successfully. Congratulations. As far as tweeting, no worries. I am way too dumb for technology. I don't need anymore hooha crap either. I love you.

  4. Hi Hayley! I love reading your blog. It reminds me of high school and stories that my dad tells me of growing up in Mexico. I hate when places don't have toilet paper... I would have to carry some in a purse with me lol. I love how you describe everything... it adds detail and humor to your blog which is awesome.

    Keep Rockin'
    ~Britany Castillo

  5. Hayley I'm crying god dammit. Everytime someone talks about you I usually cry. Sorry. LOL Anyways, it sounds like you're enjoying yourself so rock on. Did you find some friends that you can be freaks with ? Cuz you need to . I read the part where u talked about band and that brings me to the subject of being a complete bitch to all the freshmen in band :) its sooo fun . haha You would have a blast throwing your sticks at them at the end of songs and licking their food b4 they eat it. Ahh the life. Well , I miss you and hope you don't catch malaria and die... so yeah. Later bitch-otch. Love yah!

    -Summer the Drummer

  6. Yeah what the fuck is up with the toilet paper thing ? What do you use ?


  7. Would you like me to send you some big leaves like from an oak tree? I could save my grass clippings!


  8. Toilet paper question: I just don't use the bathrooms. Thank goodness we go home at noon for lunch/pee break. lol. I think I will live without oak leaves, but thanks for the thought goobie! Go fuck some shuckin' corn! lol
    Britany, thanks for the compliment. I am glad you are enjoying my blogging.
    Summer: the only freaks here are senior boys. Fucking priceless. However, I don't want to give them the wrong idea. They think American girls are easy...and we all know I am the polar opposite of easy. lol. I will just think of you and Cory when I need some serious humor.

  9. Hey, Hayley! So far in Denison, we have three foreign exchange students:2 from Germany and 1 from Georgia(the country). I've met the two from Germany: Kent and Simon. Kent is very quiet and isn't in any music classes but is in my physics class. Simon is also is my physics class, but Simon is in band:) Both of them play soccer. Anyways, I was talking to Simon and Erick at the watermelon scrimmage and I randomly decided to start saying the German words that Annika taught us last year( ich pupse; sheise; etc.) Simon started laughing, especially at sheise(idk spelling). Do a lot of kids at your school ask you the same questions over and over, because I know that our students have asked Simon the same questions a million times. I felt really bad for him our first day of physics- Mr. Ratliff was reading through the book and answering questions with flying colors and poor Simon couldn't even figure out what we had said was the first answer! He said it took him two hours to do our homework, which was quite simple. Have a great time being a blonde in Mexico and remember to carry toilet paper at all times!!
    Oh, and by the way, Cory actually said during band camp that he wished Klaver was still in Denison!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quiero que tu tienes un buen dia/noche/manana/ano!!
    stupid english computers
    Christina Riessen

  10. sorry that i write so much- i need to write more frequently or just shut up
    love, Christina Riessen

  11. I can just see your face sometimes. I remember some of Annika's expressions when she first got here. I am sure that you look much the same. That explains a lot. I am so happy that you are doing so well. I think it makes me so much more comfortable. I still miss you a little though. LOL! Damn nice not to have that fricken chocolate milk in the fridge and countless containers of unidentifiable food lingering there! P-Gato sends her deepest affection.

  12. Hayley I just thought I would let you know that the entirety of la banda has seen the wrath of summer come out at least a few times. I know you told me to chill and stuff but it's not working. I try to think W.W.H.D. but it just doesn't work and I end up screaming and turning red. That's about it. I miss you. Adios para ahora.


  13. Hey, Hayley! Yesterday I built a tower/building out a single piece of paper and some tape in physics. It was quite entertaining!!I hope your physics class in Sucre has awesome random labs!
    love, Christina

    By the way, Friday is our first football game and we're going to suck!! What fun!:-)